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Belize City Man Drowns

Authorities are still trying to figure out what killed a man, whose body was found in the waters near San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi in Belize City on Sunday morning. Our reporter, Vejea Alvarez reports.

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Tonight the fishing community is mourning the loss of 71 year old  Lincoln Andrew Brown better known as “Baygon”. Brown spent most of his life working on the docks in Belize City as a watchman. His life came to an end on Easter Sunday. Investigators are saying that Brown was found dead on the dock near the Brown Sugar Water Taxi terminal in Belize City.

Hilberto Romero, Head of Criminal Investigation Branch

Hilberto Romero, Head of Criminal Investigation Branch: “Information is that he was on a vessel and appeared to be under the influence and at some point he fell into the water. He was assisted by persons in the area and taken to the KHMH where he was pronounced dead on arrival.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News:  Brown’s daughter, Alicia Brown, says her father was a hard working man who loved life and his job. 

Alicia Brown, Daughter

Alicia Brown, Daughter: “From since I was a child my father was always a hard working, independent man. Always working hard, always working and believed in working for himself that’s something he always told me, to always be independent “Stay independent my daughter.” In my earlier days when I was younger going to primary school from when I could recall my father used to sell conch fritters. That was his first job that he used to do, selling conch fritters. I remember him coming to St.Mary’s School where I used to attend primary school and come and sell conch fritters to the teachers and some of my friends where me and my little brother we would get our conch fritters from daddy. Thereafter he went into the fishing industry. He used to go out and do fishing with the sailor men from the fishing boats when he was younger. After that when he started to get a little bit older he stopped doing the diving and the fishing so he started to do watchman out at the camps for various different people.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News:  Among those cheerful memories were also some unpleasant ones. Brown had his vices and was particularly fond of alcohol. His daughter would regularly advise Brown on that matter.

Alicia Brown, Daughter: “To be honest when we were younger and stuff my dad was an alcoholic, he drank a lot and when he drinks he’s someone very hard to speak to he doesn’t listen and everyone who knows him knows how my dad behaves when he drinks and our fear was always when he goes on those boats when he is drunk and he would not listen it didn’t matter how much you told him. “Pa don’t go on that boat why don’t you sleep here ?” “My daughter I’m over eighteen you know I can take care of myself.” those used to be his favorite words “Daughter I’m over eighteen.” I told him “Pa alright over eighteen you are a big man.” I remember a time he almost drowned, a previous situation he almost drowned. Mr.Spooners from the Spoonaz Cafe out there he came and he spoke to me one day when I was coming from work and he told me about that incident with my dad during the night when he was going in his dorey across to the sail boat and he fell out and Mr.Spooners told me that they had to assist him and he told me “My friend you really need to speak to your dad because one day he will not make it.” and I told Mr.Spooners this I said “Mr.Spooners no matter how I speak to my dad, no matter how my mom used to do it now it’s me, my sisters, my brothers, my sons we all do it – when he’s drunk he doesn’t listen to anyone.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News:  Brown’s body now awaits a proper post mortem at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Police do not suspect foul play.