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Belize City Man Found Chopped to Death a Stone’s Throw Away from His Home

Police are investigating the murder of a Belize City man whose body was found on Sunday morning. Around ten o’clock the body of thirty-five-year-old, Gilbert Martinez was found in an advanced state of decomposition with chop wounds to his upper body. He was discovered by neighbors who found the body a stone’s throw away from his home in Belama Phase four. He was initially labeled as a John Doe, that is up until today when he was identified by his family. His sister, Whitney Leslie told Love News that he had often complained of having issues with persons who lived closed to him.

Whitney Leslie, Sister of Deceased: “From yesterday afternoon I called my mom and I told her “they found a body in Belama- a tall dark person please call and try to see if you can get Gilbert.” I wasn’t getting him, his phone would go straight to voicemail. So all of us tried and  tried but my mom in disbelief – all of us we never even thought that would happen so we didn’t pay it any mind but in the night we got pictures going around and they were saying it was him. So we tried all night to try confirm this thing. I just actually confirmed it today when I went to identify him. We didn’t expect it at all but it hit home. From what he told us they always asked him to hook up current in the area where they live in Phase Four. Some of the people didn’t want to pay him or wanted to give him less than what he asked for and he felt that they wanted to take him for a crackhead or something. He was offended most of the time so he would go through exchanges of words with some of them and things like that but that’s about it when that died down that died down with him. He actually loved it there. He loved being by himself so he only got in contact with people because people send him to buy, people want him to fix current and that’s how he ended up messing with people, other than that my brother is not ap person that wants to fool with people any at all. He can’t stand dealing with people too much. My brother was kind of outspoken. He was always handyman, anybody could ask him to do anything and everybody back there knows him as that kind of person.”

Leslie also told Love News that her brother’s body was found in a heavily populated area and the family believes her brother’s body was found and not reported to the police.