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Belize City man found killed in San Pedro Apartment

The victim of the murder, Belize City resident Brandon Humes lived on Caesar Ridge Road at the home of Jermaine “Horse” Garnett who received bail for murder in 2018. While it is unclear why anyone would want to kill Brandon Humes, it appears that the man who resides in the apartment on San Pedro where his body was found is also unfamiliar with Humes. The police say that at 8am this morning, Jose Flores called them to his apartment on coconut drive and told them that two friends were at his home. He left the building with one friend but returned not to the second friend but to Humes’ body.  

ACP Joseph Myvett Head N.C.I.B.: “One Jose Flores reported to them that earlier today sometime around 8 he was visited by a male and a female person whom he is familiar with. Sometime shortly thereafter he departed his home along with the female leaving the male person at his home. Whilst out in San Pedro he was called that there was a shooting incident at his apartment so upon police arrival they observed a brown complexion male person sitting motionless with what appeared to be gunshots injuries. At this point in time, we have not been able to determine his identity and so far we do not have anyone detained.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “So he opened his apartment to an individual whom he does not know the identity of?”

ACP Joseph Myvett Head N.C.I.B.:  “No, he is familiar with two persons, one left his apartment along with him and he left the other person whom he knew in his apartment.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “And came in to find an unknown individual?

ACP Joseph Myvett Head N.C.I.B.:  “Yes”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “Is police seeking these friends of his for questioning?”

ACP Joseph Myvett Head N.C.I.B.:  “At this point in time the investigation is in its very early stages and that is what we have as an update on at this point in time.”

The friend whom Jose Flores left in his apartment has not yet been found for questioning.