Belize City Man Gunned Down

Belize City Man Gunned Down

A Belize City man was gunned down in broad daylight today, and his family believes it was his past that caught up to him. Just after 7:30, 29-year-old Albert Valentine was targeted by two men, one of whom opened fire, as he walked on Iguana Street. He attempted to escape, but he was hit multiple times and fell into a nearby drain. The West Canal Street resident was rushed to the KHMH, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. His sister, who chose to remain unnamed, says Valentine was no stranger to the law and believes that it may have been connected to his criminal past. 

Valentine’s Sister, Sister of Deceased: “Honestly I won’t say he was a saint because he had his run ins with the law right ? But how they did I believe they chanced him out of his life honestly for how it happened. Aubrey is a loving person, he was just over here a couple like Sunday he was here, my mom’s birthday was Sunday we were relaxing and eating. Nothing out fo the ordinary. He got a job. He was working right ? And just today I didn’t see him and I was like where is he and when I got the call I was at work they told me my brother got shot down. You understand ? It’s hard for the family. It’s really hard but what can we do ? You know you live by the gun like they say you die by the gun. Aubrey has a long rap sheet. I won’t sit here and say oh he’s a saint but how he died was uncalled for.”

Reporter: I know you said he wasn’t a saint but do you have any idea why someone would kill him in such a brutal way ? 

Valentine’s Sister, Sister of Deceased: “Honestly I don’t. But like you said the media will say lot of things “oh he had this in the past, that in the past.” he has a past I won’t sit here and say he doesn’t, he has a past but his past caught up with him like they say. I had a video, he has this song, this Punta song that I played and he danced, danced, danced, any time he comes around hugs up, kiss up and I’m like “boy leave me alone.” sometimes and he’s like “What’s going on why are you treating me like that for?” you know but he’s a jovial person and always a smile and once he can’t have his way you see that but besides that he’s a sweetheart.”

Valentine’s family says he didn’t always live a destructive life but was influenced by people he socialized with. 

Valentine’s Sister, Sister of Deceased: “Albert comes from a humble beginning. Albert was sent to school, he was raised right but the friends you keep lead you down the wrong – Albert didn’t want school. We tried. Anything Albert wanted and needed he got. Albert didn’t even know what it was like to work for a long period of time. He was well taken care of so the life Albert chose and where Albert ended up he chose that you understand ? And as the family we just want everything to go in peace. We don’t want any retaliation, there’s nothing to come out of this but just let us bury him in peace.”

Reporter: Any message to maybe any other young men who may be living that same type of life ? 

Valentine’s Sister, Sister of Deceased: “Well you could only talk. This killing of each other doesn’t make sense. People are crying over their loved ones. Yes people have cried before because it is what he had done in the past and now it’s our time to grieve but it is what it is. We don’t want anything else about this Albert is gone. It’s real hard for us because his dad just left a couple weeks ago and has to come back to bury Albert. It’s hard but it is what it is.”

Valentine appeared in our archive multiple times. In February 2019, Valentine, a resident of Punta Gorda at the time, was arraigned on a slew of firearms-related offenses for allegedly opening fire at a residence in PG. In December 2019, Valentine was injured in a shooting incident, which claimed the life of Glenford Hines Jr. And, in 2021, Valentine was wanted by police for allegedly being a member of a gang. Police have no suspects in this latest murder but say they are reviewing surveillance footage as their investigations continue.

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