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Belize City Man Slain a Stone’s Throw Away from his Home

Meanwhile, police are treating the last murder of 2021 as their first investigation for the New Year. A father of one was gunned down in cold blood in an incident that happened a stone’s throw away from the victim’s home on Rivero Street. Akeem Welch’s family believes that it was a case of him paying the highest price for someone close to him. Reporter Vejea Alvarez has the story.

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: A bitter dispute among feuding factions on the outside of delete city is believed to have lived with the murder of 33 year old Akeem Welch on New Year’s Eve. The Rivero Street resident was at stones throw away on Waight Street socializing with friends when around 8:35 that night he decided to head home. But as Welch rode off on his motorcycle a lone gunman appeared from a nearby yard and fired the deadly shots that would ultimately lead to his demise. His mother 55 year old Marilyn Welch says her son had recently left home when she heard the gunshots ring out.

Marilyn  Welch, Mother of Deceased: ” In that short space of time about half an hour we heard some dynamite first and after that we heard gunshots and I said “those boys mostly practicing their gun for New Years because they usually shoot up about the place for New Years.” But we heard on the back street it’s right across from us here that it happened I heard a young man hollering like “take the man. Take the man” but we didn’t see anything and so we looked through the window and we saw police and my two daughters said lets go around and see who got shot. And those two went and so I came out of my veranda on the back and by the time they were coming around the lane I heard them screaming saying “Mom it’s Bigs.” I cried out I couldn’t believe that it was my son.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Welch says she would often warn her son to be careful due to an ongoing dispute that his younger brothers are believed to be involved in.

Marilyn  Welch, Mother of Deceased:  “Like they really chanced my son out of his life because, I’d tell him “Be careful.” He’d say “mom I haven’t done it anyone anything, I’m friends with everybody.” But in this area there is a dispute going on and he has two young brothers, I have  twins, I don’t know sometimes they say they want to hurt the twins I don’t know if it’s because of that they hurt my son but I said if they want to hurt somebody else catch the correct people because Akeem didn’t deserve to die how he got it. And they really killed him they said he got four shots, I didn’t got to see him they said one went straight through his heart.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: But while that’s what welshes family believe according to senior Superintendent of Police Hilberto Romero investigators are clueless at this point as to what led to the shooting.

Senior Superintendent of Police Hilberto Romero: “Investigators are doing interviews, recording statements, and we are trying to establish what led to this murder that is all that we have at this time.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: For Welch’s family it is a tragedy of untold proportions. A violent act in which Marilyn Welch says her son lost his life innocently. She strongly believes that the father of one new the triggerman.

Marilyn  Welch, Mother of Deceased:  “I would want to ask them how they feel because the person that shot my son knows him and knows he’s not a troubled man but as they said if you can’t catch Harry you catch his shirt. I hope you guys- you have me crying you have some parents in area where they’re on the media talking this and talking that instead of trying to change their children’s lives because I don’t try to bring up Akeem in those violent ways I brought Akeem up to try to work honest for his things not to steal or do anybody anything and that is what he’s used to from he is young he is working.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: What was the last conversation you had with Akeem like on that New Year’s Eve night?

Marilyn  Welch, Mother of Deceased:  “He came up to my house back there, he looked like he came and brought a chicken and he said “I’m looking for my chicken.” I said “My son your baby already ate all of that.” And that was the last time that we saw him in the house. He said “22 is coming, we have to get ready for 22.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Akeem Welch leaves behind a 7 year old daughter