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Belize City Mayor comments on tsunami scare

On Tuesday night a wave of panic swept through Belize as a Tsunami Warning was issued for the coast.  A 7.6 earthquake less than six miles beneath the earth surface and 27 miles off the coast of Honduras was registered. This prompted experts to issue Tsunami Warnings for Central American and Caribbean Countries. But hours after the alert was issued, the ‘All Clear’ was announced. Many city residents evacuated while some found higher grounds. Belize City’s Mayor, Darrell Bradley, says that running to the second floor of a building is not the best idea.


“The first response in case of a tsunami or hurricane, for example, would be to evacuate, but you may have circumstances where an emergency creeps up on you like a tsunami where people don’t have time to evacuate so that what you looking at is what is the next best most secure area so that we would have advised people if you cannot leave the city go to a shelter but if you cannot leave and go to a shelter cause you don’t have a car, go to the second floor. That’s not a perfect situation but it at least is better than having you in a lower flat where you may get swept away by way of the water. So that I’m saying in terms of the overall structure for a tsunami I would believe that it’s inadequate but where our advisories would be is that our advisory would be to an individual do whatever is in your power to make yourself safe. If you can leave, leave. If you can go to a shelter, go to a shelter, but if you only recourse is go to a higher ground like the second story of your house or to a neighbor who has a second story that may not be the best thing but within a matter of minutes that is the best thing you can do.”

Experts predict that 2018 will be an active year for earthquakes.