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Belize City Mayor keeps an eye on impasse over garbage disposal

Last week, PASA Belize Limited, a Mexican Waste Management Company, decided to withdraw from its contract to transport garbage from across the country to the six transfer stations. The transfer stations have ceased operations since January 9 and the matter is being urgently addressed by Government officials. No reason was given for the crippling decision but we understand that a rift exist between the Ministry of Natural Resources and the contractor. The nine municipalities countrywide are keeping their eyes on the situation. Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley expressed his concern over a possible backup of trash.


Mayor Darrell Bradley

“From our point of view, our concern is that there is not any back up of garbage. We were in discussion with our partners in relation to the collection of garbage within the city, in terms of what kind of garbage they were collecting at the transfer station. They had actually interrupted some of what we would consider to be core services over the past few months and we had the engage with them on that point of view on that score to ensure because it’s important from our standpoint that the collection of garbage and the proper disposal of garbage is something that is not interrupted so that we’re not directly involved, because of course is the solid waste management Authority but we are regularly apprised of the situation. We have our representatives who are in charge of sanitation to engage with solid waste management Authority on a regular basis together with our garbage collection company to ensure the transfer station is properly functioning and to ensure that there is no interruption in the collection, the management and the proper disposal of garbage for Belize city and for the other areas that benefit.


“So what is the status right now as we speak, was there a meeting held recently?

 Mayor Darrell Bradley

“Well I know that there is ongoing discussions but again from the city’s standpoint we do not want any interruption in the collection of garbage and that has not been the case. We’ve been in close communication with the sanitation contractor that collects garbage we know that they have for some time they’ve been having difficulties with the company because again the company was indicating that they weren’t going to collect certain types of waste which is part of the contract were very concerned about that we made representation in relation to that. Our primary issue is we don’t want there to be any interruption in the collection of garbage for Belize City because again you do want the city to look bad, you don’t want there to be any disgruntled residents and we want to ensure the transfer station is functioning the way that it is at this collecting and disposing of all the garbage that it should be pursuant to the contract.”

Government is using temporary dump areas on the transfer station compounds to dispose of the garbage while the matter is being resolved.