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Belize City Mayor Plans to erect a Christmas Tree to Improve the Xmas Spirit

On the other side of the political divide, another politician is trying to spruce up the former capital for the season. Mayor Bernard Wagner told us this morning that he intends to put up a huge tree in the main area of downtown Belize City.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City:This coming Saturday the council will be launching its first Christmas tree lighting at Battlefield Park- if you’ve been around that area you would see a lot of movement happening it will be the first forty foot Christmas tree in downtown. It’s all a part of the rejuvenation of that area and with the help of the business community both in that immediate area and in the entire city we have been able to get contributions from them to facilitate that tree. We just had a meeting with those business owners yesterday evening. Both of the super sale zones were extremely successful and we can’t wait to get it off the ground for the next year. However after meeting with the business owners last evening I think the decision was made that they already have adequate traffic for the entire Christmas season and so instead of really filling up the calendar they would prefer that we put off the next super sale zone until the end of January. “