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Belize City Mayor Provides Update on Parking Meter Pilot Project

The Belize City Council has reached its 3-month adjustment period for its Parking Meters Pilot Project. The meters are located in the downtown Albert Street Area and on Newtown Barracks. A notice from the council says that as of Monday, August 1, residents will be ticketed for parking meter infractions. Mayor Bernard Wagner is encouraging all residents to continue familiarizing themselves with information regarding the Parking Meters Pilot project as the council moves into the remainder of the project period. Mayo Wagner shared data collected in the last three months as it relates to the project. 

Bernard Wagner, Mayor, Belize City: “What we found on Albert St. is that the usage of the parking metres on Albert St. for the three months averaged about 716 hours of usage per month. So what that is clearly saying is that throughout that three month period on an average per month, the parking metres on Albert St. are utilised for 716 hours for the entire month while on the New Town Barracks at the Digi Park, it kinda goes down a bit there. We find that the usage is about 320 hours. So about half of what is used on Albert St. is used in the Digi Park area. What we also noted is that he metres have really eased the congestion in the downtown area bringing much more order to the downtown area and there are intangibles there that are very beneficial to all the residents of he city. That all residents of the city now have the opportunity to use those spaces in an equitable fashion.”

While the parking meter pilot project was not about revenue generation, Mayor Bernard shared figures in that regard. 

Bernard Wagner, Mayor, Belize City: “So for the Zone 1, for May, that worked out to like $2200.49 in Zone 1 so for May. June similarly. In July it will be along those same ranges for the Zone 1. Zone 2, you would normally cut that in half given that it’s half usage and so you could get those figures there but for, in terms of the real financial aspect of this project it’s really just to gather the usage. What we are trying to see is the usage and to see if it will be applicable across other areas of the city.”

Mayor Wagner also shared an issue that has been identified along the party strip. He said that a “pick up and drop off” zone will be created in that area. 

Bernard Wagner, Mayor, Belize City: “Of course, there is always some hiccups in the Digi Park area. We have a little challenge there with the vendors who are in that park zone and so we are trying to work out some sort of mechanism there. They are complaining that most of the time people would come to their shops just to pick up and they don’t want to really have to incur that fee. So we’re looking at a kind of drop off zone there at the BTL park just to drop off, pick up your food and move off without having to be charged for the space. So those are some of the key areas but what we have found is that we have eased congestion. The residents are now enjoying an equitable fashion. The usage of the spaces in downtown and in the Digi park area, obviously from what we are seeing there, is that it is being used more in the downtown area than in the Digi Park area. Again it’s a plot project. These are just three months data that we have gathered. We will continue to drive this program because we believe it is long term. It will bring much order to the city, It will ease congestion and that is where we want to be at the end of the day.”