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Belize City Mayor Recovering from COVID-19

And while the council is working on preventing a spread, Mayor Bernard Wagner is on the road to recovery after being diagnosed with Covid-19 last week. The mayor had just returned from vacation with a negative PCR test. Within a few days, however, he began feeling unwell and ended with a case of the virus. Our newsroom spoke with him today to get an update on his recovery progress and how he has been impacted both physically and mentally.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “The recovery has been going pretty well. Some of my roughest days were last week I believe Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday I started to feel much better given the fact that I wasn’t getting the chills as I had during those days, the chills was one of the symptoms that I experienced a lot during the course of the night. You get a lot of chills, you have this cough but other than that I’ve been drinking a lot of fluids, getting rest, and ensuring that I keep in full isolation from my family that has been very key for me.”

Reporter: What has it been like mentally? I mean we understand that there’s these physical manifestation of the virus but what has it been mentally, psychologically knowing that you’ve basically, yes you’re in the same house under the same roof but there’s not that interaction, that socializing with your family, your children, what has that aspect been like ? 

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “Yeah that’s the hardest part of this disease and this virus is that you are pretty much left on your own to deal with the mental part as well as the physical part. Being in isolation is no joke. I’m a person that likes to be around people and likes to socialize, if I’m not with my family I’ll be in the yard moving around, we would be playing basketball and that sort of thing that really is a tough part especially late in the nights and this disease here and this sickness really impacts you significantly in the nights and I could recall one night I was up until three thirty four and just can’t sleep and by the time I dozed off in the morning about four, four fifteen you’re right back up again by seven so you don’t have that interaction with people and so it plays with your mind.”

Mayor Wagner says he cannot impress enough the importance of getting vaccinated and of being conscious that Covid-19 is real. He says so far he has only taken the first shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “This virus is what you would say it doesn’t look at no colors, no lifestyle, the only thing it looks at is if you put your guard down. If you put your guard down then it will invade you and that is what has been happening in Belize and in the region and in the world. Many people are trying to get back to their normal course of life but we have to do it in a responsible way. At all times we have to do it in a responsible way and just maintain the proper protocols. I know we have to get back to living as well, the economy is very important, our people need to put food on their table that is one of the hardship of this virus is that if you don’t work then you can’t put food on your table and this virus limits or really impedes and impedes individual or a family or community’s ability to really get into the economic flow and so begin allow families to put food on the table – that is what is driving people all across the city because they can’t stay trapped, they cant stay in their homes and have no food to put on their table so it’s a balance we have to find someway or the other.”

According to Mayor Wagner he has been in contact with Dr Melissa Diaz-Musa who said he would have to be tested again on Monday, August 9. If his result is negative then he would be dubbed as a recovered patient.