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Belize City Mayor Reports on Damages and Restoration

Mayor Darrell Bradley has done his reconnaissance of the old capital and has begun to diligently address the priority areas as it pertains to getting Belize City back to normal.  Bradley, who is serving his second consecutive term as the Mayor, spoke to the media this afternoon on what he found.

Belize City is a major area for tourism especially for the cruise ship calls.  According to Bradley the areas that cater tourists will be a part of the priority list as there is much damage to areas like the Memorial Park, BTL Park as well as the House of Culture.


Other areas that were extremely impacted are the Yarborough area.  Mayor Bradley is appealing to the various communities to do as much as they can in the clean up efforts and to ensure that their garbage is out for pick up and their front yards are cleaned up.



The recovery efforts will require money and according to Bradley there are looking to the private sector as well as sister cities for aid either by cash or in-kind.  The mayor also made it a point to say that the Belize City Council has been very frugal when it comes to financial management and because of that they have a savings.

The Belize City Council is also expecting financial aid via NEMO.