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Belize City Mayor responds to political opponent’s comments on taxes

Mayor Darrell Bradley says that in regards to comments made by his political opponent made Kareem Musa, that Caribbean shores pays the lion’s share of taxes in the city, Bradley says that while Caribbean shores may pay more in relation to the average person, he would not refer to it in that manner.

Mayor Darrell Bradley

“In relation to some of our data it doesn’t allow us to do an assessment like that to be able to say exactly who pays in terms of property taxes. Our data is something that we’ve worked on tremendously of the last three years to ensure that everything is accurate, to make sure that everyone is paying a fair amount of taxes. I would say that if you look at Caribbean Shores in terms of the sizes of the properties and if you look at both Caribbean Shores and Freetown it’s a fair statement to say that I think that they would pay more in relation to the average person simply because the property sizes are larger and the houses tend to be bigger but whether or not they pay the lions share I wouldn’t want to make a statement in relation to that because I haven’t had to look specifically at our data.

Mayor Bradley also says that the fifty percent decrease on taxes has not yet been in effect but it should be in effect for the new Tax season which starts on December 31st.

Mayor Darrell Bradley

“No its not in effect we want to bring it in effect for this tax season which will commence for trade license on December 31st so this afternoon I have a report that I’m going to be given from our financial team to look at in relation to exactly what we are doing. One of the things we are working with is in conjunction with the chamber of commerce is to put a fixed rate in relation to all taxes so that we have come up with a listing of 52 different types of businesses and as opposed to paying a rate which is essentially a repetition of how we calculate property taxes we are looking at having a fixed rate which is in line with what people in Canada and the United States does. So that if you operate an architects firm or an accountants firm as opposed to paying something based on square footage there is a set rate that you would pay. If its $100, $500 per year and that is fixed. We are also looking at things like making sure that people can pay over the year as opposed to having to pay upfront. All of these things are being developed by the City Council in collaboration and partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and we are anticipating that we will have something in place that we can put in place for this coming year’s tax season which is December 31st.”