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Belize City Mayor speaks on case brought against Belize Recycling Company

Belize Waste Control’s court case against the Belize City Council and Belize Recycling Company was to continue in court last week but the matter was adjourned. The case was filed last year and the matter has yet to be heard before a justice of the Supreme Court. Today Mayor Darrell Bradley told Love News that the council is only named as an interested party and the suit is really against Belize Recycling Company. Bradley explained more.

Mayor Darrell Bradley

“That particular suit is in relation to recycling so that we’ve had difficulties with the interpretation of the contract in relation to whether or not recycling is permitted under the terms of the contract. My view generally is that the contract when that was drafted it was warped in the sense that it really fettered the opportunity of the municipality to get into areas that we would want to get into. Most municipalities that I go to they deal with recycling and it’s a very active area that you can deal with recycling and it’s a very active area that you can deal with a sense of sensible waste management program because garbage in many municipalities is money, you can recycle it, you have the returnable containers legislation which means that a plastic bottle is worth twenty five cents. There are ways that a municipality can get into it but how the contract was worded it really limits the municipalities’ opportunity to get involved. My understanding is that there are one or two recycling plants where they provider of the service is concerned in relation to the legality of that and they’ve taken action against those people. Again a better person to really get a response from this would be Councilor Elrington.”