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Belize City Mayor will Join the PM in trip to Rwanda

Accompanying the Prime Minister for a portion of the trip will be Belize City Deputy Mayor Bernard Wagner and Deputy Mayor Allan Pollard. They will also be in Kigali, Rwanda, for the Commonwealth Heads of Governments Summit. Mayor Bernard says key issues affecting cities worldwide will be discussed. 

Kevin Bernard, Mayor, Belize City: “I am going in the capacity of the Mayor of Belize City but also as the Commonwealth Local Government forum, I’m a board member. It’s actually that forum that is funding my entire trip as well as Deputy Pollard’s trip as well. Nothing is being funded from the city revenue. I will be on a panel discussion on how we build back cities better following the COVID pandemic and we’re really focussing on sustainable organisation. As you know, that’s one of the big issues globally. How do we address the rise or the increase in people living in cities and really not having the economic stability to really fend for themselves and what happened there is just like what’s happening in belize City that people not having the, they’re suffering though Co, poverty obviously. Now, they have to be squatting on Government lands and unplanned urbanisation which involves squatting and that leads to poverty. It leads to further environmental degradation. It leads to crime, a sort of hopelessness and the focus of the conference is how we, across the entire Commonwealth, address these issues that are facing human beings.”