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ASP Alejandro Cowo

Belize City Police investigate two separate shootings

Two persons were shot in two separate shootings last night in Belize City. Both shootings happened on the Southside of the Old Capital. ASP Alejandro Cowo shared the details.


The first one happened after seven at Casuarina Steet, where a female was walking on Casuarina Street by the name of Aisha Felicia Humes. She was in the company of another male person and whilst they were walking on Casuarina Street, several shots were fired in their direction. As a result, she sustained gunshot injuries to her body and she was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where she is still admitted in a stable condition. The other person accompanying her was unhurt. So far police processed the scene there and observed several expanded shells of two different calibers of firearms. At this moment police are out on the scene conducting further investigation to see what can be ascertained as to what was the motive and who was the target to the shooting. The other shooting happened minutes afterward in the Antelope Street Extension. Mr. Elect McKoy was walking on the Antelope Street Extension when he was approached by a single person who fired a single shot at him hitting him in the face. He was admitted to Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he was treated and he discharged himself from the hospital last night.

No motive has been established with respect to the two shootings.