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Belize City Residents Face Eviction due to Land Dispute

59-year-old Belize City resident, Gertrude Hunter says she has had enough with police harassment. At the center of her complaint is the land she currently resides on, located at the corner of Partridge Street and Cemetery Road. She and her family have been living on the land for the past 12 years and say it was left for her by her deceased common-law-husband, Benjamin Ferguson. This afternoon, police officers showed up at her house to eject her from the premises. Hunter says all she wants is for the matter to be settled in court.

Gertude Hunter, Complainant: “The police came here to evict me immediately out of the premises which my common law left me in and said that it is mine.  I constantly have police harassment and I just want this thing to be over with and done because I’m just tired now of everything. Because every time police are coming different police men came on cycle and thing telling me that I have to get out of the place immediately out of the people’s place. Out of the people’s place, now he doesn’t even ask me what is the situation or try to say Miss let us bring these people into court with you or nothing he just tells me get out of the people’s place. So that is unfair because they don’t want me to go to the court to explain my side or what is happening in this situation.”

Reporter: How many times have they come to you already? 

Gertude Hunter, Complainant: “A lot of times. I don’t even care, various times. Like every off and on. They came the last two to three weeks ago then just last week one came in a white vehicle again to tell me if I don’t get out of the people’s place yet. Now these ones came here this morning just between maybe a week and change one came and now four of them came this morning telling me that I have to come out then one of them stomped open my door because my son locked it.”