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Belize City Residents say They are Tired of the Curfew

While, GOB says that the extension of the curfew regulation is to curb the spread of COVID-19, many residents are in disagreement, saying that they fail to see the logic. The curfew has been in place for most of the pandemic and many members of the public are saying they are sick and tired of it. Reporter Vejea Alvarez took to the streets to get the views of the public on the curfew.

“If you do a breakdown of people that get off work at five o’clock most of them have to stop at one of the major supermarkets to do a little shopping, maybe they want to take home something for their kids or whatever. So lets say they spend about half an hour / forty five minutes at that store by the time they get home it’s about six. Then twenty minutes, fifteen minutes later they decide well you know what I don’t feel like making anything let’s figure what we’re going to – so that’s maybe another ten minutes that takes you down all the way down to almost 6:30. Then they have to get ready, take a shower, get out of maybe their uniform or whatever and head out. By the time they get here it’s seven o’clock. I have to shut off at seven fifteen because you have to clean up and so on and you have to get out of here eight o’clock so you can get home by nine o’clock for the curfew so it’s definitely affecting us. It’s affecting us tremendously. I’m telling you.”

“The curfew affects me with the whole change of time adjustment forcing us to have to move quickly, get your business done everyone out here is trying to scrape their little money so with the new time changes force the businesses to have to close at earlier times puts pressure on the people that come off work late and have to hurry run to the store then they have to expect a line then me I don’t like to wait in line because I don’t have patience for that. So this whole curfew thing here throws me off because I’m a young entrepreneur trying to make a little money on the side and then you have to worry about a nine o’clock everything closes down. Brother how you will tell me everybody is on the street during the day no corona is spreading so why when nine o’clock everybody has to lock down that stops the corona, that doesn’t stop anything that just stops the dollars from coming into people’s pockets.”

“Well I think the curfew affects me in so many ways because as far as I’m concerned the curfew only suits the government, that is as far as I’m concerned because the government doesn’t have anything to do with the poor people who need the night to own something.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: And what kind of financial loss you endured ?

“Well I actually lost in so many ways because even my rent, everything, is hard to find now because of the curfew.”

Rbecause I don’t get to buy what I need. One of the main reasons is I live alone so nobody is there for me so I try to do it on my own.”

And while those residents say they don’t support their right to free movement being restricted, one Belize City man says it doesn’t bother him in the least bit.

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: Sir how would you say the curfew affects you and is it something that you would say you’re for or against ? 

“Well it doesn’t affect me one bit and I am neither against it or for it.” 

Reporter: But given the fact that you’re confined to your home after nine o’clock does that cause any frustration to you or does it cause any frustration to anyone that you might no ?

“Not one bit. As far as I’m concerned I have nothing to do after 9pm so as for those who it affects I really can’t say.”