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Belize City Residents Weigh in on the Churches’ Quest for a Referendum

The discussion on GOB’s Marijuana Legislation has taken center stage in recent days as the Opposition, The United Democratic Party, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize, and the National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB), continue to call on the Government to hold a referendum on the legislation. Many in the Private Sector and Government have voiced their position and concerns regarding the bill. Today, our newsroom took to the streets of Belize City to get feedback from the residents.

Reporter: Sir, what’s your take on the churches requesting that a referendum be held on the legalisation of cannabis in Belize?

Citizen 1: “Um, all due respect to the church, you know what I’m saying but, marijuana is a next step for the country and I think it’s going to be another step forward for us, and all this referendum, just wait your turn because to hold the gavel then you’re going to control whatever dealing with the, as far as the legalisation and then from there you’re going to amend what you need to amend and let us eat some food. Peace.”

Reporter: Sir, um, before you go, have you ever tried marijuna? 

Citizen 1: “Marijuana soothes my brain. That’s it.”

Citizen 2: “I think the church is doing a good thing, getting the people’s opinion on the referendum of the weed. Seeing if it’s, if the people think it’s legal, not just the Government. I think it’s also good that they’re taking the people’s opinion and value and it’s just good to have the support of the Government.”

Reporter: Are you in support of legalising marijuana in Belize?

Citizen 2: “Sure I am, yeah, it’s like something people do.” 

Citizen 3: “To my knowledge, everybody has their own opinion, right, but hear what’s going on. The churches have their differences but they must realise that marijuana came a long way. It was found on King Solomon’s grave and if you are a part of the church, you’re supposed to find that in your bible. So the church is supposed to take their time and go into their bible and then come back to us on the street who smoke marijuana. I am not just saying it because I smoke marijuana. I am saying it on behalf of people who don’t smoke and smokers, right, because this came a long way and that is how I feel towards it bro.”

Reporter: So you fully support the legalisation of marijuana in Belize? 

Citizen 3: “I fully support the legalisation of marijuana because then, if alcohol is legal, why weed can’t be legal, mien? And I don’t see weed as a problem toward anything in the society. I see alcohol making people fight like how the Land Shark is on the news right now. Big up Barry Bowen for his Land Shark. It has everybody fighting up and thing but we don’t see anybody fighting over weed so I would just, have consideration on us then, the churches, that this is just a consideration for us that we don’t have to be hiding to smoke our weed for just a smoke because we don’t do any problems when we smoke weed bro.” 

Citizen 4: “Well just now they just stopped me to sign it back there and I made the lady know, you all have bigger problems to deal with than that. Make the people smoke the weed because if they do that and open, you won’t have anybody killing one another for territory for weed. Just grow the thing. The thing is legal. It’s worse than alcohol and it’s worse than cigarettes put together. So let them smoke it and get over with it. That is my opinion on it.” 

Reporter: Have you ever tried marijuna and do you fully support it?

Citizen 4: “I don’t smoke weed but I am with people who smoke weed so I fully support that they legalise the thing because you’re going to sit down in jail for what? For a little bit over 10 grams? Waste of time.”

Citizen 5: “I firmly believe that the people of Belize should speak on the matter. The people should speak. If the people say yes, we must respect it. If the people say no, we must respect it but the people should speak.”

Reporter: So you’re not in support of the legalisation of cannabis? 

Citizen 5: “I am, actually I’m out here trying to seek petitions because I believe that the people should have a voice. Whatever the voice of the people is, I believe in a democracy we should respect it so how I feel doesn’t matter. How the people feel is what should matter in a democracy. “

Citizen 6: “I think the churches should hold their corners. You understand because judges, doctors, doggy, all of us smoke weed. The whole world is smoking weed and what they should ban is alcohol and cigarettes. Like what my boy said, alcohol is responsible for the most accidents and deaths and family breakups, family violence. Those are what you should ban. Those are what the church should come out for, against those instead of marijuana. Marijuana is a plant. It comes from The Father. Legalise it noh man? Loose it up!”