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Belize City Resource Hub Leaders Give Back to Their Communities

The Christmas Season is a time for giving back and that’s exactly what two Belize City community groups did today with a food hamper drive. The initiative was held by members from the Prolific Minds and Hearts and the Handz & Heart Hubs, who partnered with the Love Foundation. The drive featured the distribution of ten thousand pounds of staples and began with the Jump Street area where the hub leader, Sheldon Sosa spoke about the importance of the event.

Sheldon Sosa, Hub Leader: “We’re trying to give back something to the community through Secret Santa, get in touch with us and we get in touch with the community and as you can see what is happening. This first set over here was for the people that could walk and come for it on their own that are able but it’s everybody that needs it. That little set over there these guys back here you see in the background will take it to the elderly folks in the neighborhood that can’t come out and get theirs so that way nobody gets left out. I mean we don’t have enough but we are trying.”

Reporter: And what is in the bag ?

Sheldon Sosa, Hub Leader: “Basic things. Rice, flour, sugar, beans, just necessities that you need in the house. It’s not nothing major but it’s something to help out.”

The second round of hamper disbursements was held at the Handz & Hart Hub in Pinks Alley. According to Michael Francis, a total of fifty residents from his community benefitted from the endeavor.

Michael Francis, Hub Leader: “Today is just a small give back to the community through the courtesy of some people and the initiative is to reach at least fifty families with a small grocery bag just to give back. You already know now is tough times so it’s just a little small token through the Hands and Heart Group with the collaboration of others and we’re just trying to make people feel a little better in this time. Right here we have exactly with a little five extra that are not complete but we’ll still give that to other people so it will be like fifty five total. This initiative is something positive and a way forward to help change the image in these communities.”

The distribution of food hampers through the initiative continues on Wednesday with members from the Caesar Ridge Road and the Saint Martin Hubs.