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Belize City Taxi Men Furious with City Hall

Members of the Cinderella Plaza Taxi Cooperative in Belize City are up in arms after they watch their booth being demolished. According to the cab operators there, for the past two days, the Belize City Council has been conducting works in the area. They say they were not consulted. President of the cooperative, Philip Martinez, says that since the cooperative pays dues to use the space, they believe they should have been included in discussions. Martinez said they have tried to dialogue with the City Council but their efforts have been fruitless.

Philip Martinez, President, Cinderella Plaza Taxi Cooperative: “My main concern is don’t do us like that. Come to us come, dialogue. Don’t just go around breaking down things because when I want to see the mayor I have to write the mayor a letter and wait for the mayor to respond so why can’t I have this same go for me to? I am the fittest one to know so if you people just come and dock up at your house you will be frightened and wonder hey how will you come and break down my things and I don’t know ? It’s the same thing that happened to us. So I mean give us that respect. Come to us, negotiate, we can talk.” 

Martinez added that the group has been advocating for the City Council to install restroom facilities; however, there have been no moves to do so.