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Belize City Teachers Say Revised Curriculum Will Benefit Students

Teachers were also enthused about the implementation of the revised curriculum framework. Jacqueline Jones has been teaching at Grace Primary School in Belize City for more than three decades. She says that the shift from teaching content to building competencies will be beneficial for students, especially as they help students get to the level of learning where they should be.  

Jaqueline Jones, Teacher, Grace Primary School: “As a teacher for the past years doing the same infant one class looking at the curriculum I find out that it will better help the children. I found out that the standard has dropped, you know they have put in a more hands on manipulative discovery learning we need to group them and each one will discover and integrate and come together and do things to learn. Some of the learning outcomes are now taken out. Some of the learning outcomes were too much for the class level and seeing that they are already behind with the new learning outcomes the children will be able to get a better understanding and we as teachers will be able to present it to the children so that they go to learn and move on.” 

Principal of Stella Maris School, Francelia Cantun, says that while revising the framework, she was pleased to see that there was a focus on students with special needs. 

Francelia Cantun, Principal, Stella Maris School: “I can see that it is more hands-on, it is based on the children actually doing stuff more than just chalk and talk it’s more hands on so the children will definitely learn a lot from this new curriculum and this new approach. We work on individualized educational plans so we use those as benchmarks so for our curriculum.” 

The revised curriculum framework should be completely rolled out by the next academic year in September 2023.