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Belize City Teen Reported Missing

Tonight, the family of eighteen-year-old Justo Bernardez is seeking the public’s assistance in locating the missing Iguana Street resident. Bernardez’ family says he left home five days ago on the afternoon of Friday, October 8. He said he was going over to a friend’s house, but never made it back home. His mother, fifty-year-old, Daisy Olivera says that when they went looking for him at the friend’s home the following day, all they found was his bicycle. Olivera told Love News that the family has grown concerned because Benardez’ friend, who he had initially went to visit, keeps changing his story.

Daisy Olivera, Mother of Justo Bernardez: “Saturday coming on to the evening I saw a little young boy, he’s like my neighbor, so I asked him ‘Have you seen Papa ?’ because it’s “Papa” I would call him. He said ‘No I noh see Papa but I see bally di ride the bike weh he de pan.’ So I decided now that it’s going to six thirty so I decided me and my niece we’re going to the bally that he went. We went to the bally and when we got there it’s the grand mother that came out and I think one of the aunties and we asked them where the bally that my son came to see is. They said ‘Oh he noh deh yah he gone dah shop’ but meanwhile we’re in the yard talking to the granny and the aunty I mentioned to the granny he has a bike and they saw him riding it. The granny said ‘No, no, no, no, no he deh pan wah lee bike.’ and while we were standing there the bally we were talking about walked back in the yard and my niece told him ‘Weh di bike weh Papa di ride ?’ He said ‘Oh I send somebody to buy with it, they went to the shop on it.’ He went back through the gate and then he came back and he brought the bike. So I replied to him where did he say he was going ? He just said he was going to buy..”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Your son ?

Daisy Olivera, Mother of Justo Bernardez: “Yeah my son is going to buy. The bally just said my son went to buy. The aunty is saying she doesn’t know him as that person to just go because any time he would come he’s ask for a phone to log in. They son know him that anywhere he logs into a phone to say where he is. So you could just imagine that the aunty knows that is the type of person he is and now that he’s gone and nobody knows where he went and he didn’t’ say anything doesn’t sound right. It doesn’t sound right to me but I don’t feel that something happened to him. That is what I feel but now the days getting longer and still I don’t want to think something bad happened to him so I am still not giving up. I still feel that my son is out there.”

If you have any information that may lead to Bernardez where about you can contact his family at 610-6094 or 639-8356.