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Belize City Teens Lead the Way for Woman Empowerment

Empowered Women Empower Women – that’s the slogan of EWTL, a non-profit organization founded by two Belize City teens with the purpose of highlighting and uplifting women across the country. The acronym EWTL stands for Elevating Women to Leaders, and its founders, fifteen-year-old Vaishali (vai-sha-li) Sharma and fourteen-year-old Aritza Sosa, started the passion project with hopes of modeling the future generation of women leaders. The young leaders say they are helping to break gender norms, by creating a platform for women in power to speak about the challenges they face and have overcome in a male-dominated world.

Vaishali Sharma, Founder, EWTL: “EWTL is an organization designed specifically for the sake of women. We hope to empower the women of our country to become striving leaders and us women when we’re living safe, productive lives we can reach our full potential and some women need to know that we have constitutional rights to healthcare, economic security, access to education and political power because the skies are no limits here and one of our main initiatives is to have more female leaders in our country and hope for change. Because we believe that we empower and we can do anything we put our mind to. 

Aritza Sosa, Founder, EWTL: “Our school actually gave us the opportunity to start our passion project and Vaishali and I were really passionate about women empowerment so we decided to start an organization we would empower the women of Belize because we are not really educated much about this.”

Vaishali Sharma, Founder, EWTL: “And I think that at such a young age both me and Aritza were very fortunate to be surrounded by very successful females and for me personally I was surrounded at such a younger age by my three aunts, my amazing mother and my older sister and ever since I was very little they always told me ‘Vaishali you can do this. Vaishali never say you can’t do anything.’ and they never told me I can’t do anything they always told me I can and I think that’s something that always stuck to me even until now, even with this organization we started up they were fully supportive of me. But you see many other females may not have that support so we created EWTL so that they may have that support so that when we conducted the interviews with these powerful, amazing Belizean women so that they could inspire the other females of our country and make them grow and do better.”

You can support the young dynamic duo by viewing and liking their content on the official EWTL Facebook page.