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Belize City tour guides do not want to move

Yesterday we told you that Belize City tour guides are upset with the Belize Tourism Board after they learned that they would be relocated. According to the tour guides, the BTB made a decision to relocate the tour guides from in front of Fort Street Tourism Village to the Marion Jones Sporting Complex. The tour guides say that this will negatively impact their livelihood. Tour Operator, John Pollard of Big John’s Tour, spoke on behalf of his tour guides.

More than three years ago the Belize City Council and the Belize Tourism Board signed a Memorandum of Understanding, giving birth to the Fort George Tourism Zone Management Committee. That committee was tasked with consulting with stakeholders in order to formulate a plan to improve operations and experience in the proposed zone. According to the City Council, the Committee has been holding stakeholders’ consultations since November 2016 for feedback and suggestions. During the meetings, a plan which seeks to reroute the loading for tour operators was proposed. Marion Jones Stadium was identified as an area for parking, while still allowing Operators to have a set number of vehicles at the Memorial Park awaiting passengers to load. According to the council this is to alleviate the parking congestion for residents and business owners. Another meeting is scheduled for next month.