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Belize Coast Guard and BDF send their champions to the Coast Guard Best Warrior Competition

The Belize Coast Guard Best Warrior Competition kicked off today. The competition is in its sixth running and sees the toughest members of Belize’s security forces race each other through some physically strenuous activities. One of the organizers, Lieutenant Commander, Gregory Soberanis says the competition allows them to sift out the best and toughest of their men.

Lt. Commander Greg Soberanis Organizer: “This is an event where we seek to identify the best fighting elements within the security forces by testing leadership, physical ability and team cohesiveness so all these great attributes that individuals and teams must have in order to be high achievers, all these components and elements are tested throughout this competition.

Daliah Ical: “You said the forces, does that include: the Coast Guard, BDF and Police?”

Lt. Commander Greg Soberanis Organizer: Yes so for this year we have only teams from the Belize Coast Guard and the Belize Defense Force competing this year.  Hopefully in the future we can have the Police Department be a part of this competition. I know that at this current time they are heavily burdened with commitments outside of Belize City and within Belize City so we look forward to having them next year as a part of this competition. This is a really challenging competition. It really takes you beyond your comfort zone and as members of the security forces and the teams that you see represented here they are the best of the best. They train hard and as result they’re going to compete hard but its takes a lot of preparation to meet this high standard of physical ability and to be able to compete at this level, in fact the standard of this competition is a special forces standard that we judge this competition by.”

On day one, the teams faced off in the two mile ocean swim event. Lieutenant Commander Soberanis described the arduous challenge the Coastguard would participate in.

Lt. Commander Greg Soberanis Organizer: The terrain; the sea is very choppy right now so it requires strategy, you have to know how to pace yourself. The technique that is used on choppy seas is different for those you would use in calm seas so teams and team captains would really have to strategize as it relates to what strategy they are going to use, how they are going to pace themselves in order to complete a two mile swim because it is long distance so you need to know how to pace yourself and you need to know which technique and strategy you are going to use in order to come out on top.”

Tomorrow, participants will take part in the coast guard physical fitness test. On Thursday teams participate in the march and shoot competition in which players make their way from Burrell Boom to the Hattieville Gallery Range, a nine mile walk; and finally on Friday, teams take on what the organizers are calling “The Crucible” which entails pushing through the most physically strenuous challenges of the entire four day competition.  According to organizers, the competition is a stepping stone for members of the force to represent Belize at the regional Special Forces competition.