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Belize Coast Guard conduct rescue operations

The Belize Coast Guard hosted a press conference this afternoon to brief the media on the operations they undertook over the weekend as they relate to the rescuing of residents in the flood areas.  Acting Commandant of the Belize Coast Guard Commander Gregory Soberanis hosted the media indicating that most of its operations occurred in the Cayo District.

Acting Commandant, Gregory Soberanis , Belize Coast Guard:On Friday we received reports of the Cayo district experiencing the flooding as it relates  to the waters that were coming down from Guatemala. General Ortega, Commander BDF, immediately mobilized, an EOC was established at Belisario Camp in the Cayo district that was commanded by Major Salam and we immediately deployed to provide support to the BDF efforts in that area. Our initial response to that area commenced and proceeded over the weekend. At the end of the reporting period we were able to rescue and evacuate thirty two personnel, eighteen males seven females and eight children. We also were able to provide as it relates to the relief efforts over five hundred pantry packages , over six hundred gallons of water and we were also able to assist with the distribution of food from the Mennonite communities.” 

Commandant Soberanis says the Coast Guard continues to operate in Bullet Tree Falls, Sucutz, Calla Creek and Paslow Falls.  The second phase of the operation is now focused in the Belize District.  According to Lieutenant Kenrick Thomas the work at the Belize River Valley began last night.

Lieutenant Kenrick Thomas, Belize Coast Guard:In phase two of this operation the Coast Guard deployed units within the Belize district. Presently the Coast Guard along with NEMO, the Belize Defence Force, the Belize Police Department, BATSUB and local partners are conducting evacuation operations within Rancho Dolores Village, Crooked Tree, Lemonal and also in Burrell Boom. We’re anticipating that these operations will then transition into humanitarian aid and disaster relief. We also have an additional two vessels assigned to assist with this operation should they be called upon. EOC was established at the NEMO office in Burrell Boom and we have Lt. Bellini on the Ground who is coordinating and providing us with that information as the flood goes along. At this time I’d like to advise residents in these communities specifically those in Crooked Tree,  Rancho Dolores and Lemonal to take heed into the advisories set out by NEMO and secure their valuables and do the necessary so that they could be evacuated at earliest.”

Commandant Soberanis says a vessel has already been dispatch to Crooked Tree as it is expected that water level will rise.