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Belize Coast Guard Conducts Passing Out Ceremony

The Navy Seals of the Belize Coast Guard has one new member today after he turned out to be the sole survivor in the seals training.  Initially twenty one candidates were recruited but after the four month training period, only one recruit made it. Vice Commandant of the Belize Coast Guard, Elton Bennett spoke about the new recruit.

“What you saw here was the culmination of a four month exercise involving the Belize Coast Guard Seals. We started out in April with 21 potential candidates. During that four month period a majority of the class dropped out and we are down to one coast guard man who is graduating with a Coast Guard Seal Trident today. The exercise was very difficult, going through different phases of leadership and tactics, land, sea and air operations as we witnessed today so we are very proud of that one individual and it’s a program that we consider to be very important for the Coast Guard in conducting special operations.”

Commander Bennett described the training as being both physically and mentally challenging.

“It started off with the introduction and physical. They would go through different tactical operations. As mentioned it is more mental than anything so they would be doing long hours during the day but the main event during the training is what we refer to as hell week where that one individual would get somewhere between three to four hours sleep for the entire week and just continuous physically demanding pressure on him as well as mentally. It’s a very difficult course. We will continue to try to increase our numbers, candidates will drop out for different reasons but mainly we believe it is a mental over physical issue. We think once the guys stay in the system a little bit longer, toughen up mentally they will be able to pass this course.”


Commander Bennett also spoke about the kinds of operations that the Coast Guard conducts.

“They would go out on special operations and that means anything that is not routine. The frequency of which we will not be able to discuss and on air but they are involved once we believe the tempo of the operation requires the more specially trained group of men then we would launch the Coast Guard Seals into formation.”