Belize Coast Guard Conducts Sea Range Operation to Improve Sailor Marksmanship

Belize Coast Guard Conducts Sea Range Operation to Improve Sailor Marksmanship

The Belize Coast Guard (BCG) hopes to improve the marksmanship of its sailors with a sea range operation. The live firing exercise will take place on Tuesday north of the Turneffe Atoll Lagoon and mariners are asked to stay clear of the area. It is the third time the BCG is holding the exercise since it was conducted during last year’s Tradewinds Exercise. Lieutenant Commander, Roque Canul, from BCG’s Service and Support Unit, explained the importance of the exercise and how it benefits the security service.

LCDR. Roque Canul, Service and Support Unit, Belize Coast Guard: “It is very important for the Belize Coast Guard because we are focusing in capacity building of our personnel. In the past we used to focus on land range where we used to go to the Hattieville range and conduct our ranges but now we’re kind of deviating from that and then we’re now more focused on sea ranges because that is where we operate for the most part so it is very important for our guys to know, to understand and to get a feel of firing from a different environment. It’s very important for us to get used to the new environment because if we are to return fire or if we are to respond with fire it’s very important for us to always focus on that disabling phase initially. You know we always have to consider the legal aspect of us not aiming or going directly to the individual but first aiming at the disabling the assets and all of this is in accordance with our use of force policy. It is very different, more difficult and this is what I’ve been getting from previous groups that I’ve taken out at sea to do sea ranges. Very different because you are firing from a very unstable platform. Regardless of what, even if it is on a calm day you know the boat is still moving, you have the effect of the waves so it’s very difficult for your firers and they’ve realized now that it’s totally different from firing from a stable position.”

A total of 26 BCG members will be taking part in the exercise.

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