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Belize Coast Guard Expanding in Numbers and Structures

Yesterday we told you of the Belize Coast Guard and their initial assessments being conducted down at the Sarstoon Island to construct a Forward Operating Base.  But that is not the only works being carried out under their umbrella as currently construction works have begun next door to the Belize Coast Guard headquarters on the George Price Highway that seeks to expand the unit’s operations.  Love News spoke with Vice Commandant Elton Bennett, who explained to us about the expansion of the Coast Guard as well as the support and partnership with the US South Command.


“As you aware, the Coast Guard is growing in numbers; we are growing in responsibility as well, we are increasing our patrol bases countrywide and what you see next door is a multipurpose complex where we will have an engineering workshop on the lower floor and we would have the office stationed in Belize City along with accommodations for the men and other storage facility at that location.”


“How many coast guard officers do you currently have enlisted countrywide?”


“We don’t give out numbers of personnel but we do recruiting twice a year and we are recruiting 50 recruits per intake so we’re increasing by a 100 each year. The next recruiting intake is scheduled to assemble in September of this year, the advertisement is out for recruiting. Those applications are due within two weeks from now and then we start the recruiting process from there.”

Passing out for the second and final Belize Coast Guard intake for 2015 is scheduled for November 20, 2015.