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Belize Coast Guard holds Christmas luncheon

For the past twelve years, the Belize Coast Guard has been patrolling our waterways. Today, the Belize Coast Guard had their annual Christmas luncheon where they took time to reflect on their achievements throughout the year. Captain Elton Bennett spoke to Love News about some of their achievements for 2017.

Lt. Elton Bennet, Vice Commandant, Belize Coast Guard

“The Coast Guard conducts patrols at sea. We are out in the open ocean not often in the spotlight of communities we are out patrolling, it sort of difficult to measure with the human eye to say ‘okay the Coast Guard is out there in numbers.” but we look at our statistics that we have achieved for the year 2017 and we look at how many search and rescue cases we conducted, we conducted 42 search and rescue cases resulting in 97 lives saved this year. We believe the constant patrolling efforts by the Belize Coast Guard is one of the reasons why in comparison to other Central American countries Belize is least impacted by drug flow in the region. We take credit for that in the Belize Coast Guard we believe the aggressive patrolling efforts is certainly one of those reasons why we are so effective.”

Bennett said the Belize Coast Guard focus areas are those they consider vulnerable to unlawful drug activities, one such area being San Pedro Town. Bennett said that on several occasions the Coast Guard has coordinated with the police in conducting operations in Belize City, they have patrolled the Belize River together and Haulover Creek. Also, at today’s luncheon, thirteen officers were promoted while others who did exceptionally well for this year were awarded.