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Belize Coast Guard on multiple search and rescue operations

The works of the Belize Coast Guard are not often featured in the news.  It’s not because they are not busy at work but they often do so quietly.  This week, however, the unit has seen an overload as they have been taking part in evacuation exercises due to the recent floods.  They have also been called out on several distress calls this week.  Speaking on these missions was the Acting Commandant Gregory Soberanis.

Acting Commandant Gregory Soberanis, Belize Coast Guard:Several things were going on yesterday. You know we have the human assistance disaster relief operations going on. Currently our main effort is in Crooked Tree Village but we’re also providing assistance to NEMO in some of the rural areas and some of the immediate areas of Belize City surrounding Belize City 8 Miles for example, in the Belama area and we’ve been working very closely with the Belize City Council as well with the Office of the Mayor. So we’ve been engaged in numerous operations so yesterday after concluding that rescue operation we still had to move to Turneffe to continue that initial mission and we also are in the process of trying to locate a missing individual down south, an American national, who is currently still missing. We have two patrols that are out conducting that search operation. We also had a situation up north as well where there was a distress call from a Mexican vessel that we had to deploy to from station San Pedro so we were fully engaged yesterday when it comes to rescue operations.”

During a search operation yesterday at Turneffe one Petty Officer of the Belize Coast Guard received burnt injuries to twenty percent of his body.  According to the Acting Commandant the officer is recovering and in good spirits.