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Belize Coast Guard Rescues Two American Nationals Stranded at Sea

Two American nationals were stranded at sea last night as they were transiting through Belize’s waters to get to Florida, USA. After traveling some sixty nautical miles from Livingston, Guatemala, the vessel they were traveling in experienced difficulties and the Belize Coast Guard was alerted of the women in distress just northeast of Gladden Spit. We spoke with Operations Officer of the Belize Coast Guard, Lieutenant Kenrick Thomas who says the seas were rough during last night’s rescue mission.

Lt.Kenrick Thomas, BCG Operations Officer: “We were informed that the vessel “Sencilla” departed Livingston Guatemala en route to Florida USA when it experienced mechanical failure and damages. Immediately the coast guard deployed two surface assets into the area to conduct searches and at about 10:40 P.M. the vessel was located south east of Ranguana Caye. The vessel was then towed to safe harbor where the coast guard continues to provide assistance. On board the vessel at the time were two female American nationals who were reported to be in good condition. The information was being channeled to us at the operations center by someone from Livingston Guatemala who had communication with the persons in distress and they continued to update us with the last known position but again the sea state was terrible so set and drift was also a factor and the vessel was drifting more rapidly that we receiving the updates when it comes to the coordinates of the last known positions. The coast guard does deploy with equipment that facilitate the search efforts, equipment like night vision goggles and we also vector them into the search area by giving them a search coordinate or last known position of the vessel in distress and this allows them to be effective in their search efforts. We are doing all the documentation ensuring that everything is in order before we have them redeployed back on their voyage however this time they’re going to Livingston Guatemala where the would do the necessary repairs to their vessel.”

Love News understands that the Coast Guard’s counterparts in Livingston were the ones tracking the location of the vessel. The women spent the night at a hotel in the south and will be returning to Livingston in the vessel, named Sencilla.