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The Belize Coast Guard set to compete in Chile

The Coast Guard Special Operations Ground will be travelling to Santiago, Chile to participate in the 15th annual Fuerzas Commando Competition. The team will leave Belize tomorrow and arrive at Chile on Friday morning. Starting June 17th, they will be competing against 19 other Special Operation Forces from across the Western Hemisphere for 9 days. Captain Elton Bennett, Vice Commandant of The Belize Coast Guard, told us more about the competition.

Captain Elton Bennett – Vice Commandant Belize Coast Guard: “The Coast Guard Special Operations group will be deploying tomorrow to Santiago, Chile where they will be participating in the fifteenth annual Fuerzas Commanders Competition, it is a Special Forces Competition that includes the best from across the western hemisphere. They will be competing in different activities including road march, aquatic events, march and shoot competition, sniper competition and different Special Forces Competition so we are excited about our participation, we do believe that we will be able to perform well, compete and place well in this competition. This is the first time the Coast Guard will be participating in this competition. We have been training since early this year, we started training in January. We have done some training here in Belize: in Mountain Pine Ridge and we have been over to Mexico to try and get some altitude training, training along with the Mexican Marines so we believe that we are prepared, we will be able to compete and do well. The training is really geared at getting you prepared for those specific events so we did a lot of shooting training in terms of long-range sniper training, stalking and training for accuracy for the snipers, we did some house clearing training, assaults and special training and of course the physical aspect of it in terms of just working on the total body fitness in order to compete in a wide range of Special Forces Competition. Definitely, a good opportunity for us to be able to compete with those special forces across the western hemisphere but very importantly for us to be able to see the level of where those other special forces are, look at the different techniques they use in order to excel in the different activities and to learn different tips from those that we are competing against so for us it’s the exposure because it is the first time we are going out of the country to participate. The exposure is critical for onward progression for the team. If you win this competition you are labeled as the best Special Forces across the western hemisphere, so the biggest thing to get from it is pride.”

Captain Bennett also told us about the Senior Leaders Conference which will also be taking place alongside the competition in Santiago, Chile. For the Belize Coast Guard, it is the first time they will be attending.

Captain Elton Bennett – Vice Commandant Belize Coast Guard: “We are running parallel to this competition is a Senior Leader Conference where the leaders from the different services will be gathered there to discuss different threats and trends across the region. We will discuss how we deploy special operating forces to combat those threats and to look at different techniques as well to address those new threats that we face. This the first time the Coast Guard will be participating and the Belize Defense Force participated in the past.”

The team that will compete in the games consists of 7 men and 1 umpire./////////