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Belize competes in Junior Caribbean Cycling Championship

With our recent wins and placement in the twentieth Central American Women Volleyball Championship over the past few weeks, Belize was in great form as our athletes competed in the Junior Caribbean Cycling Championship held in Bermuda from August 11 to the 13. Taralee Ordonez placed second in the time trials. She spoke of her experience and how she could have improved her chances of winning.

Taralee Ordonez: Well what we did was a 6 mile time trial; it was two laps. It was very difficult at the end because it had a hill and I managed to get a second place for Belize. It was a great experience because some of the those girls are very strong. It was only five of us; some of us were small you know; skinny but you can’t intimidate no one because you know everybody have their strength and everything. More speed; more intervals and more hills because you know we dont have alot of that here so we have to try and do that as well.

Kaylyn Gillett, who also competed in the tournament, received a bronze medal in the road race. She shared with the media her experiences on how different it was from her training in Belize and what new methods she plans to incorporate into her training in order to achieve a win, the next time she competes.

Kaylyn Gillet: It’s pretty different, the course is different, everything is different. The course was very rough, way different hills than what Belize have so yeah it’s pretty different in terms. I would do probably go through the Hummingbird more. Through the Hummingbird of Belize you have more hills steep and long so I will do probably do more hours and more hills.

The vice president of the Belize Cycling Federation, Dion Leslie, also says that the cyclists made Belize proud.

Vice President of Belize Cycling Federation Dion Leslie: I always say this; cycling especially when it comes to young women isn’t the most glamourous sport and so for these two young women to have you know taken up the challenge, getting up early in the morning because we were just talking about it in the vehicle that Cycling isn’t like other sports where you could go after work or early in the evening. You have to ride in the mornings or during the day if you are not going to school or working. To take up that challenge you know; to go out and compete with everything they have, to represent Belize so well with such dignity; it’s amazing. We hope that with them as are youth ambassadors so to say for the sport they can start encouraging more young women; more of their peers to get into cycling and they can describe about the benefits, the experiences. They visited places they never thought they would visit ever. They have met people and all of this is all part of that growing experience that will help mould you into a better individual in the future.

This is the third time Belize has competed in the regional competition.