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Belize condemns the massacre of Palestinians by Israel

Earlier this week former Prime Minister Right Honorable Said Musa issued a release condemning the massacre of Palestinians by Israel. He called on the Government to condemn the action. Today, the Government issued a release doing just that. The Government says it strongly condemned the violence initiated by Israel’s Defense Force against Palestinian civilians which took place at the Israel-Gaza border.  The bloodshed which took place earlier this week left at least sixty persons dead including children, and countless injured.  Further, the release said that Belize calls for an end to the violence, and for the Israel-Palestine conflict to be resolved peacefully through negotiations between the two parties. The Government of Belize via the press released expressed its sympathy to those who have been injured and to the families of those who have died. It reiterated its long-held position of support for the undisputable rights of the Palestinian people to sovereignty in an independent, contiguous and viable State of Palestine. The release ended by expressing a desire to see Israelis and Palestinians living in peace and harmony.