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Belize Consolidated Project Plan promises sustainable options for electricity

On Wednesday, Minister of State in the Ministry of Public Service, Energy, and Public Utilities, Frank Mena, Chief Executive Officer of Belize Electricity Limited, Jeffery Locke and Chair of the Public Utilities Commission, John Avery expressed their commitment to providing reliable and sustainable energy through participation in the Belize Consolidated Project Plan. The plan is a roadmap that will outline how to meet the electricity needs of Belize and its consumers over time. The CPP will ensure that sustainable options for electricity are pursued in the optimal approach for Belize while harmonizing the efforts of these three leading organizations. A team from the Clinton Climate Initiative and Rocky Mountain Institute and Carbon War Room will guide the process. The CPP is a critical step for Belize in its efforts toward fostering sustainable production and distribution of energy, minimizing the cost of energy in the local economy, mitigating the impacts of external shocks and creating a national culture of energy efficiency.