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Belize cyclist to compete in 2018 Healthy Newton Omnium Road Race

Belizean cyclist, Oscar Quiroz, has been selected to compete in the 2018 Healthy Newton Omnium Road Race in the USA. The two-day event starts on Saturday and Quiroz will compete in the professional category. Today, Quiroz expressed his confidence about performing to the best of his abilities.

Oscar Quiroz Professional Cyclist: “I am hoping that I can showcase some of Belize’s talent and of course my individual talent as well. Ofcourse I am expecting, I have high hopes and I am being a little realistic right and I can say that I’ll be going there with a lot of confidence in the firm that I am in and I think that with a positive mind I can expect very good results.”

Reporter: Talk to us about your preparation for this event?

Oscar Quiroz Professional Cyclist:  “So I think it’s almost two months ago we went to Australia to compete in the Commonwealth Games and we actually sent three athletes here from Belize. I won’t go into details with that however that was part of the preparation as well. Being that we’re racing at much higher level and this level here. This gives me higher hopes being that I am going to compete there but at lower level and so I just kept on rolling with trend and I made sure I gave my body a lot of rest and ofcourse well I could just hope for the best at this point.”

Reporter: Are you going to be competing at a level that is above what you normally compete here in Belize?

Oscar Quiroz Professional Cyclist:  “Oh yeah for sure these guys out here are probably constantly racing, they probably doing it for a career some of them and so I think that all thought it’s going to be high I never go in there doubting myself so, I mean I am confident in my firm so like I said a positive mind should give me positive results.”

Quiroz leaves the country today and returns on Monday.