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A Belize delegation attends 11th Commonwealth Forum

A Belizean delegation returned today from the Commonwealth Games in Australia. Meanwhile, another delegation is presently in London, where they are attending the 11thCommonwealth Forum which started today. Love news spoke with Aida Escobar, the Public Relations Officer at the Department of Youth Services about the delegation.

Aida Escobar – Public Relations Officer, Department of Youth Services: “The Department of Youth Services was asked to nominate two young leaders that could represent Belize. So we had Ms.Dominique Norales and she is president of the National Youth Council of Belize and we also nominated Chris Miller and he was nominated because he was part of the World Youth Conference that just took place here in Belize last year and also he is a member of the Board of the Belmopan Active Youths. Also we have a third person who is Ms.Christen Marin and she applied and was accepted. She has a position in the Caribbean Regional Youth Council and she works very closely with the Department of Youth Services so she was given a sponsorship we paid for 50% of her travels and then we fully sponsored Mr.Chris Miller and Ms.Dominique Norales. They have an action plan and they want to touch on some main things such as sustainability, violence, having peace and so somethings that are definitely coming back to Belize are having peaceful Commonwealth, having peaceful countries and peaceful nations and also in regards to sustainability. There are 17 goals and for example some are quality education, good healthcare, gender equality, all things that are definitely beneficial to Belizeans and to Belizean youth.”

While there, they will also be electing a new Youth Council Executive. At the end of the forum, the proposition will be documented to be adopted by the Commonwealth Youth Council and thematic youth-led networks, National Youth Councils, Commonwealth countries, and the Commonwealth Secretariat.