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Belize Delegation Looks at Costa Rica’s Best Practices for Child Friendly Spaces

UNICEF introduced the child friendly municipality initiative back in the nineteen nineties to improve the situation of children around the world. The initiative has been thriving in several countries including Brazil.  The Mayor of all nine municipalities in Belize have signed on to ensure that their municipality will be certified as being child friendly. There is a process involved in seeking that certification. Love News spoke with UNICEF’s country representative in Belize, Ivan Yerovi.


Last week a delegation from Belize traveled to Costa Rica to get an up close view of best practices in that country. Yerovi spoke of the visit.


One of the questions put to Yerovi was that of political interference and how it can have an impact on a municipality achieving it’s goals. Yerovi said it is in the interest of all to ensure that the children’s needs remain a priority.


Belize’s delegation was led by Minister of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development, Hugo Patt. Yerovi said it is hoped that last week’s visit will inspire municipal authorities to work with partners to ensure that they address the concerns raised by children in their respective municipality.