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Belize Diabetes Association wants to ban the Sale of Candies

The Belize Diabetes Association’s President, Anthony Castillo also spoke on the Association’s efforts in further protecting children by having the sale of candy and junk foods at schools discontinued.

Anthony Castillo – President

“Its a work in progress. The Belize Diabetes Association continues to work along with the Ministry of Health, there is a committee on NCDs not only diabetes but hypertension, cardiovascular disease and stuff like that. There are already plans to look at what we can do where the schools are concerned. As you may have heard from Robyn Daley the nutritionist from the Ministry of Health they are looking at healthy diets and meals which are served at the school. We will probably begin with that and we need to look at all the sweet intakes that are available at the schools for our children. We need to look at what our children are purchasing at school, at home we need to try to prepare healthy meals for our children but there are children who then need to purchase their meals at the schools and here is where we need to put something in place to have healthy meals for our children at home and also out when they go out to school.”