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Belize diaspora contributes to street signs

In a press release, Mayor Bernard Wagner and the Belize City Council expressed gratitude to a group of patriotic Belizeans residing in New York City and Toronto, Canada who have generously contributed to the installation of forty street signs which are valued at over twelve hundred US dollars. The Council commenced installing the signs today on Albert Street and the other signs will be installed in the upcoming weeks on Queen Street, York Street, New Road, Freetown Road, Castle Street, Petticoat Alley, Barrack Road, Douglas Jones Street, & Lovely LaneThe street signs are made of high intensity prismatic (HIP) reflective and enamelled coating and will ensure that the residents and visitors to Belize City are able to identify our streets, neighbourhoods and communities.   The release ended by stating that the ongoing efforts of the council, in part, is made possible by the continuous support and faith of Belizeans both at home and abroad.