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Belize District Teachers Meet in Prayer at Bird’s Isle

Teachers within the Belize District converged at the Bird’s Isle Court this afternoon to join in their annual Ecumenical Service as part of Education Week 2016.  Katherine Flowers is the head of the Belize District Branch of the Belize National Teachers Union; in speaking with Love News, she noted that this event is crucial for the spiritual reminder it provides for the teachers.


“This is our Ecumenical Service, it’s an annual Ecumenical service that we host for the teachers of the district. It’s all in relation to our asking God to give us tolerance, wisdom and patience so that we can carry on into the next school year because this is education celebration period and every year before we get into it and prior to teacher’s day itself we do this Ecumenical service and we have an uplifting celebration in calling on our God to be with us as teachers because nowadays it’s so difficult to enter the classroom to deliver and to deliver quality education and we know we can’t do it without God and so we humble ourselves on an afternoon like this and we beg  our teachers to join in and receive the blessing that we get from an event like this.”

The service began just after one o’clock this afternoon and was a lively event with its guest speaker being Dr Rene Villanueva.  As a result of this planned event, students from within the district were given the afternoon off from classes; an authorization reluctantly given by the Ministry of Education.