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Belize exports first shipment of crude soybean oil to Jamaica

Belize has made its first shipment of crude soybean oil to Jamaica.  The five containers were exported last week and were supplied by Bel-Car Exports and Imports located in Spanish Lookout, Cayo District and Northern Grains Cooperative located in Blue Creek, Orange Walk District.  Over three years, EXPORTBelize, which is a unit of BELTRAIDE, and the Directorate General for Foreign Trade have been raising awareness within both communities about the need for both crude and refined soybean oil in the region by issuing export opportunity handouts and holding sensitization sessions.  CEO in the Ministry of Agriculture, Jose Alpuche, told Love News that this is good news for Belize.

Jose Alpuche – CEO of Ministry of Agriculture: “Consolidated shipment, it’s the first coming out of both Blue Creek and Spanish Lookout. It is a growing relationship with a company called Seprod in Jamaica one of the largest food manufacturers and we believe from dialogue with Seprod that this is the first of many products that they plan to take from Belize. They have been working with both the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Trade to facilitate export to Jamaica. Coming out of this soy export we may very well be beginning importing refined products, the refined oil back into Belize. A part of it is going out for processing to Jamaica and a part of it will come back to Belize.

The Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce, in partnership with EXPORTBelize, continues to facilitate export market entry requests as well as to actively pursue export markets for local producers