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Belize Extends Friendship to Barbados

Belize is looking to enhance its working relations with Barbados in the area of marketing and airlift.  The Barbados Today news website reported yesterday that Belize’s Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia Jr., is of the opinion that many good things can be done between the two countries as they relate to tourism with airlift being done either directly through Cuba, Barbados, Belize.  Heredia added that in the area of marketing there are many things that we can promote each other for as Caribbean sisters.  The Minister was quoted as saying, “The whole Caribbean is a magnificent market but Barbados is far ahead of us when it comes to development. I believe there are some things that we have to learn from you all, but there are also good things you can learn from us also.  We have been talking with Barbados Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy on the possibility of establishing some type of good relationship with the two countries. It is matter of continuing the dialogue and I believe that there is something good we can get out of that”.  End of quote.