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Belize Fails to Submit Data for Transparency International

Corruption remains a component in many countries that remain a crucial factor in the day to day governance of a nation.  Each year, Transparency International publishes a report that ranks countries on global corruption.  The report for 2015 of the Anti-Corruption Watchdog, came yesterday with nations like Somalia, North Korea, Afghanistan and Sudan taking the top spots when it comes to corruption.  Belize, however, had no rank in this report and it is reportedly because there have been no available data coming from the current administration.  This is the 8th consecutive year that Belize is not being listed on the anti-corruption watchdog report.  The report is compiled from the country’s data coupled with expert opinions.  It looks at a range of factors including the level of accountability by government leaders, as well as how corruption is dealt with when uncovered, the perceived prevalence of bribery, among other areas.  According to the report, quote, “This year’s list found that 68% of countries “have a serious corruption problem,” including half of the G20. Countries including Greece, Senegal, and the United Kingdom have improved since 2012. Others, such as Australia, Brazil, Libya, Spain and Turkey are more corrupt than they were four years ago.  The least corrupt nation was Denmark.”