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Belize Female Volleyball Team host press conference

The entire country was tuned in last week as the Belizean female volleyball team competed in the 20th Central American Championship. Despite losing one game, Belize had to settle for the silver medal. Costa Rica also lost one game, but due to the point system, Costa Rica won gold. President of the Belize Volleyball Association, Allan Sharp explained how it worked.

Allan Sharp Volleyball Head Coach:” In our region again they do what is called  the points ratio so then they take all the points that you have made. “All the points for” as its called and then you divide that by all the points that were scored against you and so in the case of Costa Rica they had 450 points that they had scored, 354 against while Belize had 486 points for but 415 against and so when you do the ratio we unfortunately by the scrape of the smallest amount you can think about almost. They had ended up with a ratio of 1.27 to our 1.17 so basically we miss the goal by .1 of . in ratio.”

Sharp spoke of several factors that would enable the Belize team to play in the upcoming continental championships tournament.

Allan Sharp Coach: “We can qualify in the following methods first: If Costa Rica decides they can’t go or they won’t go. That is rarely the case but it has happened. The second one that could happen is that the teams that qualify from other regions decide that they won’t go for whatever reasons. We host such championships because the host of that championship automatically also qualifies.”

Belize has received significant praise from the international community for its level of the recently concluded tournament.

Allan Sharp Coach: “Never has a Central American country had such sustained fan attendance. Normally its 300 – 400 and only on the final night they will get something like between one and two thousand. We were never even; though the information that came out in the bulletin shows some nights for us are less than 1000. That’s not true; from our sales we know that we were never less than 1000 fans in the stadium and so we did extremely well. We are only 350,000 people vs millions of people in those countries and we had much better fan attendance. Not to mention how good our fans are.”

Sharp thanked all those involved for pulling off a successful event.