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Belize Fest 2022 Soon to be held

True Belizean is hosting Belize Fest 2022 in Inglewood California on September 11th to celebrate the tenth of September and on the 18th to celebrate Independence Day. Belize Fest is a time when Belizeans in the diaspora gather to Celebrate Belize. It is a time for meeting friends and family that come from near and far to reminisce and enjoy Belizean Music, arts and crafts, culture, and Food and to share it with friends and neighbours in Los Angeles. Faron Smith is the organizer of the event and says this year’s fest will be spectacular. 

Faron Smith, President, True Belizean: “This event is very very exciting because it’s the only event, well not the only now but it is the event that everybody and their family comes to celebrate, raise their flag and to just show Belizean pride. So every year this event has a whole lot of excitement around it and the thing that’s most exciting is that this is all Belizean. We have Belizean food. Belizean musicians, Belizean everything. So just everything is Belizean so the amount of Belizean pride is just on 1000 you know? So the excitement as you can tell, just by that, you know, being far from home it’s just the closest thing we could get to doing 10th and 21st. This is a way for us to share our culture, to share our food and music and everything about Belize in that one day mien and the greatest thing about it is that sometimes you come and you see people and you see friends and family that you don’t really see throughout the year and just that one day or the two days that you get to see those people and then from there you know everybody’s going to disappear again and go back on to the grinding that you have to do in order to survive in California. So that’s a great thing for the event and Belizean pride all day, flags, shirts. Just everything you know what I mean? It’s awesome.”

For the first time, Belize Fest is partnering with the Belize Tourism Board (B.T.B) and the Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations. Through this strategic partnership, the Festival will raffle a plot of land in Belize and a round-trip ticket and hotel to lucky Belizean attendees. Smith says that every year Belize Fest gets bigger and better. 

Faron Smith, President, True Belizean: “The tradition of having Belizean events here in California has been going on for way longer than I’ve been in LA . It’s been going on for way longer. There’s a whole lot of people that did this before me and are still doing it while I’m doing it too. They’re doing their own thing and there’s a lot of people that’s involved with doing it while I’m doing it also and a lot of these people they literally joined and have been doing it for like 60 years now, so longer than me and so the whole Belizean thing and Belizean community here in LA is very long, very active and very very much a long tradition and so for the event, for my event this is seven years now that I’ve been doing it and it grows every single time. It grows every time. The only thing that had put a little damper on everything was the pandemic which we had to do virtual and then we had last year which was under pandemic. That year was kind of like the bounce back, come back year and this year is the: We’re and we’re ready and the pandemic is done and we’re ready to just come back to normal and just do our celebration the way we usually do it.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News: And last question for me, is this a fundraiser event because you’re charging. So what happens to the money and the revenue and whatever you’re chargi

Faron Smith, President, True Belizean: “Right, it is a fundraiser. True Belizean is a Non-profit organisation and what we do is spread Belizean culture and when we’re done doing that what we do is we give scholarships to children in Belize, mostly. We do help out the Belizean community there. It’s more of a networking type of something deal that during the celebration I bring in a lot of  organisations, Belizean businesses and stuff like that. So on that day you’ll see that even the staff is all Belizean. The team building whatever. Setting up the fence, everybody is Belizean. It’s a whole Belizean thing going on. All the booths are Belizean. We have a Belizean restaurant that’s on the same street . That restaurant is called “Little Belize.” They’re one of the sponsors and supporters of True Belizean and Belize Fest. We have Smart Enterprises which is my partner then we have a whole lot of other non-profits that they are doing work in Belize. They send stuff. They go down and work and everything so all of these people come together to make this happen here in LA.”