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Belize Film Commission goes to Hollywood

The Belize Film Commission and the Consulate General of Belize in Los Angeles will host Hollywood executives and international investors, as well as members of the Belizean diaspora involved in the film industry, at a Luncheon on July 21 in Southern California. This event is an opportunity for Belize to show itself in the best light as a film production friendly jurisdiction while promoting Belizean talent to international partners looking for locations and investment opportunities outside the US.

Film Commission Representative: “This weekend we plan to hold the 4th annual Belize Film Commission Luncheon Hollywood event. Basically what it does is that we introduce Belize to Hollywood and Hollywood to Belize. It’s from the standpoint of the film commission our intention is to brand Belize as the spot for production and location in Central America and the Caribbean. Like I said this is the 4th year that we are doing it and each year it gets bigger and better as we connect with Hollywood heavyweights, the industry professionals and from the Belize side we have Minister Patrick Faber who the film commission sits under, NICH representative Suzette Zeiden who is the head of the Belize Film Festival. This year we will be honored with CEO Audrey Wallace.”

The Belize Film Commission Luncheon is an annual event now in its fourth year and will take place this year in the Pacific Palisades amongst the casual setting of Hollywood royalty at the home of David and Yvonne Fairweather.