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Belize Foreign Minister talks about removal of Magdalena Talamas

And while we are still on the subject of the relations between Belize and Guatemala, today Foreign Minister Elrington also spoke on the reassignment of Special Representative of the O.A.S. Secretary General for Belize-Guatemala Affairs, Magdalena Talamas from her post at the Adjacency Zone. This followed protest from Guatemala.

Wilfred Elrington – Belize Foreign Minister

“The Guatemalans after the last incident with the young man and you remember the Guatemalans had been mistaken about how it had actually transpired and had gone far and near to criticize us but when the truth was disclosed to them, when the report of the commission was made public they were very peeve by that and they decided to attack the messenger not the message. Unfortunately Magdalena Talamas was in fact the messenger. Many times the messenger gets shot and this is one case in which she was in fact shot. They refused to want to have anything to do with her and were not as cooperative with the OAS as we would have liked and that is necessary given the delicate task that they have to undertake. We can’t afford to have the Guatemalans not cooperating fully with the OAS and the office of the OAS and they saw Magdalena as an obstacle to that so she had to be sacrificed.”

Her successor has been named and has already taken office said the Foreign Minister, who adds that he is expected to be introduced to Belize soon.