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Belize Gets Closer to Renegotiating Superbond 2038

The last we heard of the renegotiations of the Superbond 2038 was around Christmas time when Prime Minister Dean Barrow noted that another round of talks were due prior to the New Year.  He also added that it is the hope of the Government that the bondholders would approve their proposal and that everything would take effect prior to the due date of the first payment in February.  We are yet to get an official statement from the Government but according to reports reaching our news centre, Belize has gotten more than the required seventy five percent approvals from the bondholders.  The approval is only verbal thus far and will be reportedly penned in the coming days.  In a letter dated today, January 6; sent to the Managing Director of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, which is the Trustee under Belize’s US Dollars Bond, it noted, quote, “the current expectation is that the Consent Solicitation will be launched next Thursday, January 12, 2017.  If Belize receives the consent of the holders of at least seventy five percent of the outstanding principal of the bonds, Belize would expect to sign the first supplemental indenture with the trustee in order to implement the amendments described in the Consent Solicitation Statement.”  End of quote.  This letter was sent to the bank at the request of the Government of Belize since under the terms and conditions of the Superbond agreement, Belize must publish the debt sustainability analysis (DSA) and whether Belize has a “stand by agreement” with the International Monetary Fund. As we mentioned, we have been informed that Belize has gotten the required consent verbally from the bondholders.